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Rowena and Nate say "hello world"

Jabez Winton has been dead since 1920 but he can't go into the light until he settles a few things with his descendants first. In order to be heard, he needs energy and when Rowena and her boyfriend, Nate, enter the old warehouse on an errand, Jabez sees his chance.
The couple are searching for Jabez Winton's inventory but Nate can't keep his hands off Rowena. After having sex on the table and against the shelves, the energy produced is enough to allow Jabez to speak to the pair. He's able to tell them where the inventory list can be found, yet that doesn't allow him to move into the light. When Nate comes up with the idea for a ghostly menage, Rowena is the one who will decide Jabez's fate.

Dawn reviewed it and said, "I have to admit this was a very hot short story to read one sultry night. From the beginning, the reader is drawn into their passionate playground. I don’t want to give much away as it is a short story but ROWENA’S GHOSTLY MENAGE is one sexy, erotic tale that will get you in the mood. Sexy, wild and a little bit naughty, this author delivers a story that will leave you longing for your significant other or a cold shower. Ms. Brown is a new to me author and one I highly enjoyed ... Ms. Brown’s writing was tight, the story was fast paced and the sex was explosive. I was squirming in my seat by the time the book was done."


“The inventory you need is in box three. About halfway down on the right-hand side,” Jabez said, helpfully.
“Bloody hell!” said Nate.
“Holy shit!” Rowena pressed herself back into Nate’s hard body, as she watched a wavering, shimmering figure drift from the end of row one hundred and ninety-nine to the table where they were standing.
“Hold it right there, buddy. I don’t know who or what you are, but you keep away from us.” Nate wrapped an arm protectively around Rowena. As she leaned back into him, the ethereal figure strengthened and became clearer.
“I’m Jabez Winton. The inventory you need is in box three, about halfway down on the right-hand side.”
“You’re dead!”
“Yes, that’s correct. I’ve been dead for ninety years. You may have noticed, I’m a ghost.”
“Well yeah, but—“
“Do you want the inventory or not?”
Nathanael pushed Rowena behind him before he lifted box three onto the counter and unbuckled the lid. Rowena stepped forward and carefully began taking out the papers on the right-hand side.
Jabez drifted over and plucked the correct one out of the pile. “There you are. My inventory completed in nineteen eighteen just before the war started. You should find it quite comprehensive.”
“Why are you here? What’s going on? Why are you helping us?” Rowena sank into a chair and ran a dusty hand through her brown hair.
“I was too slow getting away and missed being called into the light. Gradually my form has gotten weaker and for many years now I haven’t even seen the doorway, much less been able to go through it. Lightning storms give me energy, but they are few and far between, and have never coincided with the door opening.
“Just tonight I’ve learned that sexual energy gives me strength and that’s why I’m able to talk to you.”
“You watched us fuck? Oh God, I’m going to die of embarrassment.”
“Well, you kept your clothes on mostly, or had your back to me, so I didn’t see much, but I was very grateful to you, as it has enabled me to help you. I was going to ask you to make love again so I could try to pass over, but I really want to know what will happen to Brittney and my possessions.”
“I— We—” Rowena drew a deep breath. “Would you mind giving us some privacy for a moment, please?”
Jabez nodded and left.
“The hearing is first thing tomorrow morning. Well, I guess it’s this morning now. It’s after midnight already. There should be some definite news before tomorrow night—that is, tonight.”
“Yeah, we could come back tonight, no problem.”
“And I’ll bring a change of underwear this time.” Rowena grinned at him.

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